Not Your Mother’s Publishing Company.

Traditional book publishing and marketing are dinosaurs. The entire system is inefficient, a money loser, and authors suffer. Timothy & Titus thinks it’s time to change that.

As a full-service publisher, we partner with authors to create, distribute and promote great books. And we don’t just sit idly by. We are involved in the whole process, making it more efficient and with more author input. The bottom line: Authors have more control and make more money!

Timothy & Titus were two of St. Paul’s most loyal disciples and helpers. To honor these great men, the company was named after them, and we share a common attitude with Timothy & Titus, to discover what is good in others, and to change what is not.

Our Services

At Timothy & Titus, we have a knack for finding business authors with passion.  Passion as we all know can do a lot for a person or business, but when you have an author with passion, it creates enthusiasm around a book’s core message.  

Our goal is to look for authors with a message that’s spreadable across multiple platforms, deliverable as today’s consumers digest books in multiple formats. 

Our team is dedicated to providing books that deliver good content and no bullshit.  Original content with original, one of kind authors.

We also offer ///

  • Developmental Editing
  • Copy Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Book Design/illustrations
  • E-book Conversion & Upload
  • Audio Book Production
  • Marketing
  • Distribution

Our Retailers

Our Mantra

Scott hates bureaucratic bullshit! He also hates those that create products and/or business models that are centuries old and then fail to evolve with the world around them. Then they are desperately forced to play catch-up because they start getting their ass kicked by a relatively unknown.

Scott has the utmost respect for the innovators: Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Elon Musk, James Dyson, Uber, Airbnb, Nest, to name a few. And now when he stumbles across an industry that is utterly f*cked up, he feels compelled to revolutionize it. Scott is currently knee-deep in it now with his business incubator OVO, his consumer product companies Pariah Underwear, Rouse Condoms and Piranha Tools and now in the book publishing sector with his independent book publishing company “Timothy & Titus”.

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